Innovation Norway

The Norwegian Co-operation Program

The Norwegian Co-operation Program with Bulgaria aims to stimulate the economic growth and sustainable development and to contribute to innovation and technology exchange between Bulgaria and Norway. The programme is to be carried out in the period 2007-2011, and Bulgaria is granted EUR 20 million.
One of the main requirements for the application is proven partnership of Bulgarian and Norwegian associations. Thus, the co-operation between the Bulgarian and Norwegian institutions and business communities is to be strengthened.
Deadline for implementation of approved projects is April 30th, 2011.
Priority sectors
-    Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including Joint Implementation projects under the Kyoto protocol, and other emissions in air and water
-    Energy efficiency and renewable energy
-    Facilitating sustainable production, including certification and verification
-    Implementation of Schengen acquis, support of national Schengen Plans as well as strengthening the judiciary.


Administration of the programme

The state company Innovation Norway is responsible for the administration of the programme. Innovation Norway is also responsible for the financial control and audit of approved projects.

Grant rate ceiling

The grant rate shall not exceed 60 % of the eligible project cost with wo exceptions as follows:
-    Where the project costs is co-financed with 15 % or more by central, regional or local government budget allocation in the beneficiary states , the Cooperation Programmes may provide a grant for up to 85 % of the eligible project cost.
-    For grant assistance set up to support NGO activities (including social partners), the grant rate may be up to 90% of the eligible project cost.

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