• Ecologically clean

The extinguisher is developed in order to minimize the damages that normally occurs using dry chemical or ordinary chemical foam and will not be any more harmful that water in an extinguishing process. The agent will be fully washed.

  • Efficiency

FLAMEX fire extinguishers are three times more efficient than the minimum requirements according EN 3 for the water-based ones. FLAMEX extinguishers got the following classes - 2l(13A), 6l(34A) and 9l(43A).
The discharging time for FLAMEX extinguishers is much higher than the traditional extinguishers, which gives to the user more time for reaction in extinguishing the fire.

  • Easy to handle 

The specially designed nozzle spread the agent in a wide angle and this increase the extinguishing effect since the agent also impregnates the surface along with the process to put out the fire. This will reduce the chance for reigniting. 
The operating pressure in these extinguishers is much lower than in conventional dry chemical fire extinguishers which make it easy to handle during the extinguishing process. 


  • Cooling effect

The agent is extremely detergent and will rapidly cool down the materials and preventing reigniting the fire. 

  • Certificates

1. CE marked according to the EU specifications 97/23/EC (PED)
2. Produced and approved according to the EN-3 standard for fire extinguishers
3. Test report for conformity with EN 3-7 from MPA Dresden, Germany 
4. Mark of conformity (wheel mark) according to MED-B and MED- D, notified Body No. 0575, Det Norske Veritas, Norway