"FLAMEX-BULGARIA" LTD is a Norwegian-Bulgarian company established in 2009.The company won a project for environmentally friendly fire-fighting to a programme of the Norwegian government for encouraging the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Norway.

The plant is situated on the territory of  the town of Beloslav, on the southern bank of the navigation canal of Varna and Beloslav Lakes. The production activity has started at the end of 2010.

The basic activity of the company will be production of environmentally friendly liquid called FLAMEX and filling fire-extinguishers:

- liquid for fire-fighting,

- liquid for impregnation of wood,

- liquid for impregnation of textiles,

- liquid for filling ship fire-fighting systems.



Beloslav 9178, Tseh 4 of BELOPAL AD

mob: +359 884 745 418

fax: +359 888 224 784

e-mail: flamexbg@gmail.com